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Professional team of plumbers and Gas Safe engineers are on call 24/7
and our emergency services are available on-demand to help you deal with your
emergency plumbing needs

Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers

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Professional team of plumbers and Gas Safe engineers are on call 24/7 and our emergency
services are available on-demand to help you deal with your emergency plumbing needs

Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers


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Reliable Plumber In Canterbury

We are your first-choice plumbing and heating service provider in Canterbury. We have a full range of plumbing and heating services that will fit all your home plumbing and heating needs. We are committed to providing quality services in the workmanship and materials that we use in our projects. Our team of expert plumbers are certified in providing professional services for your home or business. Our services are perfect for home improvement and renovation projects and we always provide affordable rates that will help keep you within your budget.

We offer a number of services listed below:

plumbers canterbury

Plumbers Canterbury

Do you have a plumbing emergency like a burst pipe? A leaking radiator that’s pooling too much water? Your boiler not working as it should? Perhaps, persistent water leaks that’s driving you mad. Fortunately for you, we are on your side. For your convenience, we provide expert plumbers and gas safe engineers 24 hours a day, ready to dispatch a team and resolve your emergency as soon as possible. When you call us for emergencies, you can rest assured that we will have your home covered by our professional team

Emergency Plumbing Repair Services Canterbury

Our Customer service team is just a call away!
Our professional team of reliable plumbers and Gas Safe engineers are on duty 24/7 and our emergency services are available on-demand to help you deal with your emergency plumbing needs like bursts pipes, leaking radiators and faulty boilers. Our Emergency repair services include

We understand that the sooner the plumbing problems are fixed, the less damage it will have on your home.
Our Emergency repair rates are affordable and we guarantee 100% satisfaction

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We provide gas and heating services that include new boiler fittings, boiler installations and boiler maintenance and Repairs. We ensure that your central heating systems are fully functional especially during the cold winter months.

Your Local Canterbury Plumbing Company

Boiler Installs and Repairs Canterbury

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Boiler repair canterbury

Boiler Repair

Your boiler is an important part of your home central heating system. It heats up the water that is then distributed to your home through pipes and radiators. It is only normal for your boiler to show signs of wear and tear due to the daily usage and the thermal stress it receives from its cooling and heating processes. A boiler that is not functioning properly is easy to detect because it shows telltale signs like producing excessive noise, generating less heat, and at times water can be seen pooling beneath. If your boiler shows any of these signs then it should be up for inspection. Running a boiler with obvious signs of problems can cause permanent damage to your boilers which can also lead to total failure. Our boiler repair services will make sure that your boiler will be running efficiently in no time. We can also upgrade your boiler with modern temperature controls to help it run more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Boiler Installation

Are you looking to replace your old boiler with a new one? Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers provides boiler installation services for all homes in Canterbury and surrounding areas. Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers are ready to help you choose the perfect quality boiler that fits your budget and your needs. We install all brands and types of boilers using industry-standard practices to keep you covered with the manufacturer’s warranty. Our years of experience and expertise will make sure that you stay on track with your remodelling plans and most importantly keeping it all economical.

Boiler Servicing and Installation

Boilers need to be inspected and serviced annually to make sure that they are running as efficiently and safely as possible. Annually inspecting your boiler allows us to check for potential problems before they escalate into real more severe problems, which can help prolong the life of your boiler and ensure that it provides consistent heating in your home all throughout the year.

Why Choose Us?

We can handle any type of plumbing jobs – big or small. Plumbing is a messy, difficult job for most people. Our experts know how to tackle any issue with efficiency – whether it’s clearing clogged pipes or installing a new water line. Let our plumbers and gas safe registered engineers handle your every need, from boiler installation to dishwasher repair. Don’t risk an expensive and embarrassing plumbing disaster!

Areas We Cover

Contact us right away if you have any type of plumbing problem!

Our experienced plumbers and gas engineers are up for any type of plumbing jobs. done with the highest quality of workmanship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our highly trained professionals are experts in their craft with years of knowledge and experience enabling them to perfect their skills. Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing & Fitting Boiler Repair, Service and Installation Radiator & Powerflush Central Heating Engineer

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