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  1. Regular breakdowns: Do you regularly have some boiler or water pressure problems?  These types of problems are not likely to be fixed by boiler repairs.  The replacement of parts and repair costs can add up overtime and exceed the cost of buying a brand-new boiler.  Repairs are only quick fixes and they are only useful to hide the fact that your boiler is not functioning properly.
  2. ‘A’ grade boilers have an energy efficiency of 90 % whereas ‘G’ grade boilers have only 70 % efficiency. This means that when you spend £10 on your ‘G’ grade boiler, £3 simply gets wasted. If you add up this figure over the lifetime of your boiler it can become a huge amount as a boiler’s lifetime is taken as 10 years. Rising electricity bill is often caused due to a damaged boiler and hence it is important to get it repaired and made perfect without much delay. You can see our boiler costs blog post here.
  3. Is your boiler over ten years old? When your boiler has been continuously used for the last 10 years it is time to buy a new boiler. Your boiler may be working properly even after ten years of usage. But the continuous developments and new inventions in the technology field have to be taken into account and it becomes necessary to replace your boiler after 10 years of usage. Energy efficiency and newer safety elements and smart controls of the present day are also reasons that prompt the replacement of an old boiler by a brand-new boiler. These new features can help you to monitor the energy usage and to control temperature levels even if you are on a holiday and have forgotten to switch off the heat control.
  4. Water leaks: Water leaks can be very damaging.  It can be damaging to your boiler and even to your home too. Make sure that you contact the engineer as soon as a water leakage is noticed in your boiler so that extensive damage can be avoided.
  5. Smells gas: If you smell gas, you have to vacate the building. If you notice other smells like a burning smell, it is better to call your heating engineer immediately and investigate it properly.
  6. Yellow flame: If your flame becomes yellow in color instead of blue, it shows some serious problems and indicates a risky situation like leaking of carbon monoxide. Exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to dizziness, sickness, fatigue, and headache. If something like this is suspected it is better to inform gas emergency services and wait for their arrival.

Are you not sure whether you need to replace your boiler or repair and continue to use the existing boiler? It is not an easy situation as it involves considerations like the long-term costs and the short-term costs. Repairing a boiler is cheap and a quick fix. But at times it may be necessary to opt for a new boiler so that you will be able to save a lot of expenditure in this regard for the next 10 years or more. If you are interested in the installation costs of a new boiler, let us take a look at some of the boiler finance options.

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