Sewer systems in all houses are connected to drain lines. Drains from your shower, toilet or the sink reach the sewer lines that run to your house.  These are known as lateral lines and they are running to the main line. Usually some general bathroom plumbing will do well to rid you of any drainage issues.

You will naturally know the time when your sewer needs cleaning. Strange smells, noises, slow flushing drains etc. are symptoms that show your sewer line needs cleaning. There are many things that one can do by himself and solve the problems related to his sewer lines without any need to call for professional help from a plumber.

Clean your lines periodically

Cleaning your lines can be easily done by buying an enzyme cleaner. Enzymatic cleaners can help with toilet training. Enzymatic cleaners are cleaning products that make use of enzymes to break down and remove stains. Take care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and put the cleaner in any large drain.

Get a snake

Simple clogs occurring inside your home can be easily removed using a snake. It is a very cheap and easy to use method. Snakes are augers that are inserted into a drain line which is then twisted or cut through a clog. Snakes cannot cure all problems.  They are good only for small clogs. One has to use a simple snake and clean his drain without causing any damage. If you find some clog through which your snake is unable to get through, then it is a good indication that you need the help of a professional plumber.

Vinegar and baking soda

Baking soda dissolved in vinegar is a common cleaning solution used by house owners to degrease. A foamy and bubbly solution is formed when these two chemicals are mixed. With the help of the bubbles, the grease which causes the clogs can be scraped away. Grease becomes sticky when it cools down. This will make other types of debris get trapped in the grease inside your lines. Even if you do not dump more things down the line, grease will come into your drains. Grease build-up which takes place overtime can create problems. Using this method is an easy and quick method to avoid building up of grease and the connected problems.


If there is no clog in your lines then it can be easily cleaned by flushing.  If a little bit of drain cleaner can be put while flushing it can be very helpful in improving the condition of your drains. If there is a clog in your drain, this method will not work as more water will back up as more water is being poured. If there is a clog it has to be cleared first before trying to flush it with a drain cleaner.

Preventive cleaning

One need not have to wait for a catastrophe to start cleaning his sewer lines. You only have to put some baking soda every month or two into your lines. This will help the walls of the pipes being scour and will be able to prevent the occurrence of the problems. Citrus-based cleaners can be used for this purpose.

Engage drain cleaners

You may not like to use chemical cleaners often. However, it is good to flush drain cleaners a few times every year. When you are doing this, make it a point not to flush too much water. It needs time for chemicals to dissolve the debris that are built-up in the line and prevent clogging.

Get help from professional drain cleaners

Most plumbers do not have necessary equipment needed to clean main sewer lines. Get a sewer cleaning plumber who offers this service. He will be having specialized equipment needed for this purpose. Only such people will be able to help you in cleaning sewer lines which are heavily clogged or creating problems.



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