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Best Combi Boiler In 2021 UK

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A homeowner needs to give more importance to warranty when they are buying a new combi boiler for their home needs. A number of decision-making processes are involved in the purchase of a brand new boiler. Price becomes very important when the buyer is under tight budgetary constraints.  As said earlier when one gives importance to warranty, the 5 year warranty boilers become very prominent ones. But one should not forget that some brands are offering 7 year warranty too. Deciding which combi boiler is the best is a matter of debate and opinions may vary from one installer to the other. Boiler installations also come with a warranty from your installer, be sure to check this with the heating company you use.

Worcester Bosch combi boilers

Worcester Bosch has become a permanent figure since its inception in the year 1962. Since then it is considered as the most favourite household name amongst UK consumers. The main reason for its prominence is the continued and regular production of high quality combi boilers by the company since its inception. The global reputation and the engineering might of the company is also a solid reason for its all-round and continued appreciation among its home users.

They are reliable, efficient and they carry an incredible 10 year warranty too. The main drawback of this boiler is its high price. The company is now collaborating with big online installation companies and trying to offer their boiler at an extremely cheap price. 

Viessmann combi boilers

This brand of boilers is well known for their German strictness. The name Viessmann has also became a synonym for high quality manufacturing. They are also well known for their efficiency which is rated. They are very friendly with your pocket especially during the cold months. You might naturally think how this premium product has become so cheap? The company follows a moderate path for the UK market and promotes its best products at attractive prices to make the homeowners happy and thereby gain  more business in the country.

Ideal combi boilers

Ideal combi boilers are one of the best popular boiler brands in UK. They offer a number of combi boilers in various outputs to suit the needs of every home. Ideal combi boilers have got prominence in the present day because of their Ideal and Logic Plus combi models. Their newly introduced Vogue combi boilers are very efficient and reliable.

Ideal combi boilers are cheaper than Worcester combi boilers. But it does not mean that quality is compromised. Ideal Logic Plus with 7-year warranty is comparable in its price to Worcester 30i or 20i. There may be a difference in volume which makes it attractive with preferential rates. They also provide an extra 3 years warranty.

Vaillant combi boilers

Vaillant is a German company that has been manufacturing heating solutions for the last 140 years. It is well established in UK as the best home combi boiler. All the combi boilers supplied by Vaillant to UK are manufactured at their manufacturing centres situated at Belper, Derbyshire.

Some people consider Vaillant to be a big player in the Britain boiler market. It is important for homeowners to find a product that follows rigorous build standards, is durable and contains premium components. Apart from this, the Vaillant will not be friendly with your pocket.

Vaillant, which won the best buy award in the year 2017, has made sure that the quality of its produce is reflected well in its price too. Their ecoTEC is the company’s flagship product. Their produce range starts from 25 KV and this makes a Vaillant boiler the best choice for a small house which can afford premium boilers.