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How Much Do Plumbers Charge For a Toilet Installation UK?

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Toilet installation in the UK generally costs from £100 to £190. But it can further vary depending upon the various aspects involved in the installation. It is natural for a house owner to install a new toilet at some point in his life. It is also an important point in bathroom remodelling projects. But fitting a toilet need not be considered as a difficult task.

It will always be better to hire a professional to carry out the new toilet installation needed in your house. It is advisable to avoid mistakes that can be crept in while you try to do toilet installation as a DIY project and cause avoidable mess.

Details of plumbing costs are given below:

UK minimum national coast         £100

UK maximum national coast        £190

UK average national cost          £120

Average range                            £100 – £190

Important things to consider before replacing a toilet

Even Though toilets are durable, a time will come when they eventually need replacement. If you think you need a new toilet, plan everything in detail before hiring a toilet installer.  If your existing toilet is fine except for the problems with flushing or clogging, then you need to think about the possibility of the toilet repair before opting for toilet replacement.

Before contacting professional toilet agencies, you need to know many toilets have to be installed. If only a broken toilet is replaced, this number will be one. This is applicable when you are renovating your bathroom too. Take care to buy a model that uses only little water so that your home becomes more efficient. When you are constructing a new home, you will be building brand new bathrooms too.  This indicates that you will need to install one toilet each in each of these bathrooms.

How to install a new toilet?

Some important steps involved in the installation of a toilet are discussed below.

  • Remove your old toilet
  • Replace the toilet flange
  • Install the toilet seat
  • Place the toilet on the flange
  • Secure the new toilet with bolts to the floor
  • Attach the seat and the toilet tank and then reconnect to the toilet with the fill valve.

Caulking is not generally used when a new toilet is attached to the floor. When you run into a leaking situation the caulking can trap water there. When you are replacing the existing toilet or installing a new toilet in a bathroom it may involve more steps than those detailed above.

How to fit a new toilet with the existing plumbing?

When you are fitting a new toilet to the existing plumbing, it can add to the expenses involved. Get a quote from a plumbing expert if you are planning to change the current set up.

Connecting the toilet to the new plumbing

If you are building a bathroom in your home where there is no plumbing hook up, the cost can be little higher than the cost for replacing an older toilet with a new one. The exact cost can vary widely. The key factor in this case will be the closeness of the new bathroom and toilet to the existing plumbing. If you are planning to install extensive plumbing lines for the new toilet, the cost could climb up. Get a custom quote from a professional toilet installer or a plumber.