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Signs & Symptoms of a Gas Leak in Your House UK

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Most homes have a few appliances that depend on gas for producing warm water or air.  If you know the causes that can lead to a gas leak, it will be very helpful in protecting your family members and friends from the problems that can arise from a gas leakage.  As a gas leakage can become very dangerous, never attempt to fix the problems that are related to the gas line without the help of a licensed plumber. Let us examine some important signs of gas leakage.

Rotten egg odor

A noticeable odour is given to gas by adding a chemical called Mercaptan. This smell makes it easy to detect gas leakages in its early state itself. If an odour of sulphur or rotten eggs is noticed, one should check and make sure no gas leakage is taking place as this smell is similar to that of leaking gas. When you notice such a smell you have to immediately grab your children and flee away from your house to your neighbour’s house and call an HVAC technician or a certified plumber.

Unhealthy houseplants

If your gas has been leaking for a long time, enough oxygen will not be available in your area. Effect of scarcity of oxygen will be visible in the appearance of house plants in the dining room, kitchen, bedroom etc. They will either be dead or unhealthy.  This situation can worsen if it is not controlled or stopped with the help of a professional contractor.

Sickness and fatigue

Gas leaks can cause deadly symptoms like sickness, suffocation, nausea, weakness etc. It can be seen in the people living in the apartment where gas leaking is taking place.  If anybody is feeling sick where gas is suspected to be leaking, it is important to call an ambulance and take the sufferer to a nearby hospital and get medical intervention.

Dead bushes and grass

Large arrays of gas pipes will be laying beneath your house are the hardware that supplies gas to the appliances in your house. If one of these gas lines becomes cracked, gas will come out of it and will be released into the atmosphere. If this happens the bushes and grass in your house will start looking yellowish and the leaves will start becoming dead. This is also a noticeable sign of gas leakage.

Irritated skin

Gas leakage can also cause irritation on the skins of the persons who are subjected to gas leakage. The existence of large quantities of gas in the air can lead to numbness or blisters. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to skin discoloration and other problems related to this.

Discolored flames A gas furnace generally produces blue flames when it is burning. If the flame is becoming yellow in color it can be due to ventilation problems. If you are doubtful about any gas leakage, check the colour of the flame. If a suspicious colour of the flame is noticed, then you have to contact a gas professional immediately.