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Tips To Avoid Water Damage to Your Home UK

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It might be surprising for you to understand that water damage is the most costly and common house owner claims. Water damage claims are only second to hail and wind damage claims. Wind or hail damages can occur only one or two times a year. Water damages can happen many times during a year. A few tips to prevent water damages and to reduce the risk of water damages are discussed below. On a side-note please consult a reliable team of plumbers before undertaking any DIY work.

Outside the home

First we will consider the water damages that can happen outside your home. Regular maintenance of some of the key areas on the property can be helpful in preventing water from entering into your home.

Disconnect hoses:  if water is allowed to stand in the hose it can freeze and cause a blockage to the flow of water. It can also lead to the breaking of the pipes. This can result in damage to floors, walls and even the foundation.

Clean the gutters as well as the downspouts: Cleaning of gutters has to be done at least twice a year to avoid ice dams and blockages. Standing water can lead to damage to the gutters. Unmanaged overflow can create puddles capable of damaging the foundation. Also clean your downspouts and make sure that they are pointing away from your home.

Maintain vegetation and trees: Shrubs are definitely beautiful things. But their roots can create problems by wrapping around the pipes and breaking them. So one has to minimise landscaping the areas where shrubs are growing.  Sewer safe landscaping can be understood by referring to various books available in this subject or by browsing the internet.

Inside your home

Now, let us understand the things to do to reduce the risk of water damages caused by the sources inside your house.

Understand your water main: Shutting off the water main can be a very important step towards avoiding water damage to your house as water main is a feature through which water is supplied to the entire house. Water enters your house through the water main and from there it is distributed to the entire house through pipes.

Water main shut off: if you know where your water main is located, it will help you to turn off the water supply and save your house from severe damages. Further it will be very helpful if you can keep the water main shut off when you are going to be away from your house for a few days or more.

Maintain appliances:

Appliances are often considered as the main cause for in-home water damages. It is advisable to check your appliances regularly as per the directions given by their manufacturers. The state of the hoses of washing machines and refrigerators also has to be checked regularly. A water hose has a life expectancy of only 5 years. Replacing them regularly can be helpful in avoiding expensive water damages.

Investigate leaks and fix them properly

If you find any leak anywhere in your house it has to be investigated properly. If moisture damage repairs are postponed it can lead to the formation of mold, mildew etc. It can also rot or damage your entire home.