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Blocked Drains in Canterbury

As a leading local plumbing company serving Canterbury for over 15 years, Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers have extensive experience unblocking drains and sewer pipes in residential homes and commercial buildings across the region. We provide fast, affordable drain unblocking using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to determine the exact location of jams and clear even the toughest blockages.

Whether in your kitchen, bathroom sinks, main sewer lines, or property drainage system, stopped up drains can mean messy, unhealthy and even dangerous flooding.

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Our professional specialists arrive ready to restore normal flow quickly and efficiently. Our drain engineers use the latest methods for clearing blocked drains in Canterbury homes and businesses.

We offer 24/7 drainage services for both domestic and commercial properties across Canterbury. As the leading drainage company in the region, our experienced drain experts can tackle any kind of drain blockage. 

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Our Services

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Modern Equipment

We utilize the latest tools like electrified drain rods and high pressure water jetting for thorough cleaning without damage.

Precise Diagnostics

Our cameras diagnose the problem accurately to unblock drains efficiently.

Local Experience

15+ years serving Canterbury homeowners means we understand common issues with drain clearance.

Any Drain Type

We fix blocked kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, main sewer pipes, outside drains and more that need drain repair.

Fast Response

We dispatch our drainage specialists rapidly to restore drainage before flooding worsens.

Affordable Rates

Upfront prices with no hidden fees make drain clearance affordable.

Get premier drain cleaning services from the blocked drain specialists serving Canterbury and accredited by Checkatrade.

Why Choose our Blocked Drains Services in Canterbury?

When you need urgent assistance clearing blocked drains or pipes, Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers is the right choice because of our proven expertise:

Our Professional Approach

We utilize a systematic process when unblocking drains:

Diagnostic Evaluation

Thorough assessments and camera inspections pinpoint clog locations affecting flow and fully diagnose the drainage problem.

Precision Drain Clearing

We match customized equipment like high-powered water jets or electrified snakes to clear a blocked drain and address different clog types.

Remove Blockage Debris

All impacted waste and materials are cleared completely from pipes through no-dig drain repair techniques if needed.

Flush Piping

 Final flushing clears remaining particulates restoring full flow.

Functionality Verification

We validate drains flow freely and at full volume without backups throughout with a drain survey.

Provide Recommendations

 If underlying issues exist, we advise homeowners on any further drain relining or even gutter cleaning advised to prevent future blockages.

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This step-by-step process allows us to expertly clear even severe clog blockages and restore pipes to full working order.

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Prevents Water Damage

Clearing jams rapidly minimizes flooding risks to walls, floors and furnishings.

Avoids Bacterial Contamination

Stagnant water breeds harmful bacteria, cleared drains reduce spread of bad smells coming from your drains.

No Harmful Chemicals

Our powerful hydro jetting and mechanical clearing is safe and eco-friendly for even a simple blocked drain.

Alleviates Foul Odors

Removing dense clog debris eliminates stench-causing rot and waste buildup which are causes of blocked drains.

Superior Drain Conditioning

Flushing improves flow by reducing scale, rust and aging pipe issues over time – consider drain lining for long-term solutions.

Long Term Cost Savings

Preventing serious pipe decays through cleaning avoids much larger replacement costs down the road.

Protecting home safety, health and infrastructure means acting quickly when drains slow. Our rapid emergency drainage response delivers effective blocked drain remedies.

The Main Benefits of Quality Blocked Drains

Hiring professional drain specialists for blocked pipe cleaning and unblocking provides tremendous advantages:

Average Prices of Blocked Drains

Clearing blocked kitchen, bathroom or main sewer drains ranges in price starting around £95 – £150 depending on the type of clog, pipes affected, and exact services needed such as:

Basic Sink Drain Unblocking

£95 – £130 Clearing simple bathroom or kitchen sink clogs.

Toilet Drain Unblocking

£115 – £165 More extensive removal of dense waste clogs impacting toilets.

Main Sewer Drain Unblocking

£145 – £220 Clearing deeper obstructions along property main waste lines.

Addition of CCTV Drain Inspections

£45 – £95 Pinpointing multiple issue locations along pipes.

Emergency Drain Service

£200 – £300 Urgent visits outside normal hours cost more for immediate drainage work.

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Prices rise the greater the scale of drain affected and complexity ranging up to £500+ for extensive drainage systems. Receive a fixed price quote upfront tailored to your specific regular drain or one-time problems with your drains.

Areas We Serve In Kent

As a fully licensed and insured plumbing company serving residential and commercial clients across Canterbury and surrounding regions for over 15 years, we have extensive experience clearing every type of blocked drain. We proudly service clients across these areas of Kent:

Whether older drain pipes choked with thick debris and mineral deposits or recently installed pipes obstructed by toys or dense waste, we can clear it quickly. Contact our friendly staff to inquire about your blocked drain issues and solutions across Canterbury and Kent. As the leading local drainage specialists, we serve customers in Canterbury and all surrounding areas of Canterbury needing drainage service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you unblock your drains?

In most typical cases our teams can have water flowing freely again within 30-90 minutes after arriving on-site. More extensive blockages sometimes require follow up access.

What if drain roots are the issue?

Root cutting and foaming enzymes help reduce damage and blockages from intrusive roots growing around old pipes long-term.

Are all your clearing methods safe for pipes?

Yes, we use specialized nozzles and pressure adjustments with drain jetting and high-pressure water to scour blockages without harming pipe walls, joints or structures.

What can I do to prevent future drain clogs?

Avoid pouring fats/oils down sinks, install screens to catch hair in showers, use enzyme cleaners monthly, and consider new drainage re-piping if aging drains are root ridden.

Do commercial sites require large scale pump trucks?

In some cases if main drains are fully blocked, pump trucks become necessary to jet debris loose and suck out waste clogging extensive piping. Contact your local drain specialists for customized general drain solutions.

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Trust Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers For All your Blocked Drains Needs!

At Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers, clearing blocked drains and sewer pipes quickly and safely is business as usual. If you notice gurgling sounds, overflowing sinks, foul odors, or standing water, rely on our expert drain engineers in Canterbury to diagnose issues and restore full flow. From kitchen sinks to main waste lines, we utilize powerful jetters, electrified snakes, root cutters and the latest methods to clear even the toughest obstructions across Canterbury and Kent.
With limited disruption to your home or business, our technicians prevent damaging overflows while restoring pipes to properly functioning condition. Founded on years of plumbing and drainage service expertise locally, we understand how to remedy Canterbury area drainage issues efficiently. If you have any sluggish or clogged drains requiring professional attention, give us a call! For fast, affordable drain unblocking services, you have come to the right place with the leading experts available to every Canterbury property. Contact our friendly staff today about any persistent drainage problems!