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Boiler Repair, Service and Installation Canterbury 1

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    Boiler Repair, Service and Installation Canterbury 2

    Boiler Repair In Canterbury

    Our experienced heating engineers are ready to provide boiler repair, servicing, and installation services to residents in Canterbury. We provide a full range of boiler services to help keep your heating systems running efficiently and safely in your home.

    Your boiler is an integral part of your home central heating system and without it, you will be stuck in the cold. The boiler burns gas or other fuel sources to heat the water in your piping system. The heated water then courses through your house inside the central heating pipes, which is then distributed in your rooms via your radiator. If your Boiler is malfunctioning or not running efficiently, then it could affect or damage your central heating system.

    Here at Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers we strongly recommend that you refer to our fully qualified heating engineers for your boiler repairs, servicing, and installation needs. Letting expert professionals handle your boiler needs, ensures that the materials used for your project are up to industry standard and the workmanship is of a very high standard.

    Boiler Installation & Servicing Canterbury

    Your boiler is regularly running to heat your home and this means that the daily wear and tear can reduce the efficiency and safety of even the most reliable boilers on the market. A worn-out boiler can produce less heat which can affect your entire central heating system and can also increase your utility bills.
    We understand how uncomfortable it can be when your boiler is not running and that is why we provide fast boiler repair and servicing solutions. Our boiler services will ensure that your boiler will be fixed and working back to maximum efficiency as soon as possible, so that you will no longer have to worry. We repair all types of boilers from different manufacturers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship and materials used in the project.
    We also provide boiler servicing and preventive maintenance services that will allow us to inspect your boiler and check for any old or worn-down parts that may need replacing before they fail. Preventive maintenance is important because it helps prolong the life of your boiler and ensures the safe day-to-day operation of your central heating system.

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    Emergency Boiler Repair

    We provide emergency boiler repair services available all day and all night throughout the whole of the Canterbury area. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are on call and ready to help you at short notice. Our mission is to resolve your most urgent boiler problems within our first visit to ensure that your boiler will be running again at 100% efficiency.

    Our Boiler Services

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    Your boiler often shows obvious signs whenever it needs maintenance or servicing and we strongly recommend that you talk with our Gas Safe registered engineers to identify these signs.

    Signs That Your Boiler Needs Attention

    Here are the signs that you should look out for

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    Boiler Swaps

    Give our heating engineers a call today for a fast and free quote on any boiler related problem. We are a friendly team and always ensure a high-quality standard on all our work.

    Choosing The Perfect New Boiler

    The type of boiler you choose can have a big effect on how your central heating system is designed and how much it costs to install. Your boiler will also depend on several factors like the size of your home, how many rooms it will serve, and most importantly your budget.

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