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Canterbury Based Central Heating Engineers

The central heating of your home provides warmth and comfort, especially in the cold winter months. That is why it is important to keep it running efficiently and reliably before the cold months come in. The everyday wear and tear and frequent changes on the temperature can have a heavy toll on your central heating components like your boiler, radiators, and heat piping which can cause it to run inefficiently increasing the running costs. We provide a comprehensive and full range of central heating services from central heating repair, installation and inspection with our fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineers.

Heating Engineers

Sometimes It is easy to spot when your home central heating system needs attention and one of the obvious signs is that your system is not producing as much heat as before, which can lead to increased running costs if left unchecked for a long period of time. Another obvious sign is when you see water pooling under your radiator or boiler, this means that a washer or rubber gasket may have failed, which can be a quick fix if called in early. Alternatively, water under the radiator or boiler can also mean excessive pressure in your pipes because of a faulty thermostat or clogged lines which can lead to long term damage to your heating system if not treated early and properly. That is why we recommend our annual central heating safety inspections, so that we can help you spot potential troubles before they develop into big problems.

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Central Heating Installation

Our heating engineers are ready to help you with your central heating installation needs. We will install the components of your heating system to a high standard to ensure the safety of you and your home. We follow strict industry standards in order to retain the manufacturer’s warranty on your boilers and radiators. Our services are all untaken by a team of heating experts and we provide incredibly affordable & honest rates.

Central Heating Upgrades

Does your home have an ageing but still functioning boiler? Is your boiler functioning properly but the utility bills keep on piling up? This could mean that your heating system needs a digital temperature control installed to help it run more efficiently. Our experts will find the perfect temperature controls that will help manage the boiler temperature and radiators to ensure optimum usage of the energy. lowering the cost and prolonging the life of your heating system.

Central Heating System Repairs

Exposure to constantly changing temperatures and thermal stress can cause your central heating system to wear out and fail. Here at Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers, we offer central heating system repairs to help you replace damaged components and pipes at extremely affordable rates.

Radiator Installation

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Are you renovating your home? Do you plan on extending the coverage of your central heating system? Perhaps you recently built a new house? The radiator is one of the crucial components of your central heating system. Radiators are at the frontline of your central heating system because it provides heat that is distributed from your heat pipes generated from your boiler. Without your radiator, the heat generated from the boiler will not reach the occupants of your home wasting energy and money.

Installing a radiator involves a lot of planning and expertise because your radiator needs to be lined up properly with your central heating system for it to distribute heat efficiently and evenly throughout all the rooms. Our Gas Safe engineers will install your radiators to the highest standards using only the highest quality materials.


Radiator Repair & Relocation 

The daily heating and cooling can have an impact on your radiator. Constant exposure to changing temperature can cause leaks and particles that clog your central heating system can cause your radiator to emit less heat. Our radiator repair services will ensure that your radiator will be running efficiently and without any issues, by unclogging blocked internal pipes, replacing leaky gaskets, and cleaning sediment build up.

We also help you upgrade your radiator if you decide to remodel your home. We provide upfront and honest competitive rates. We will help stay within the means of your budget by providing the best advice on which products to choose, whilst taking into consideration price, efficiency and reliability.

We also provide radiator relocation services for your house. We will help you safely move existing radiators in your rooms to make way for your radiators replacements or to make room for other renovation.

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