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Gas Safety Certificates in Canterbury

As a Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating company, Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers provide legally required gas safety certificates to homeowners and landlords across Canterbury and Kent. Our fully certified gas engineers have performed thousands of inspections on boilers, gas cookers, gas fires and other appliances to ensure they operate safely and efficiently.

If you need an updated CP12 certificate to comply with rental laws or simply want peace of mind that your gas appliances pose no risk of leaks, explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Our technicians handle the inspection and documentation professionally. Get your gas safety check without delay when using our services.

Providing gas safety certificates and other gas safety checks is our specialty. In addition to this compliance service, we also offer a comprehensive range of related services, including boiler and central heating installations, maintenance and repairs. Our Gas Safe registered engineers have the experience and qualifications to install, service and fix gas appliances of all types in domestic properties across Canterbury and beyond.

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Our Services

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Fully Accredited Engineers

All our technicians are Gas Safe registered, meeting the highest certification standards in the UK. Our engineers have years of experience in the industry.

Local Service

With deep connections across Canterbury, we understand common appliance issues and customize solutions. Our qualified engineers are familiar with all gas safety regulations in the Canterbury area.

Thorough Inspections

We conduct comprehensive assessments, not quick checkoffs, to identify any gas safety hazards.

Detailed Reporting

The gas safety record certificates we issue are complete with specifics, readings, serial numbers and our stamp.

Peace of Mind

Our certificate verifies your appliances function safely, giving you confidence and documentation. Our Gas Safe engineers provide reliable gas safety certificates in Canterbury.

Why Choose our Gas Safety Certificates Services in Canterbury?

Choosing Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers for your required gas inspections and CP12 certificates offers many benefits:

Our Professional Approach

We utilize a rigorous process when conducting gas safety inspections and issuing legally required CP12 landlord certificates:

Thorough Examination

We extensively check all connections, controls, pilot lights, seals and components during the annual gas safety check.

Ventilation Verification 

Ensuring adequate airflow for proper combustion and no CO risk is critical for heating system safety.

Pipe Integrity Checks

Testing pipework soundness with leak detection fluids where needed to avoid a dangerous gas emergency.

Flue Testing

Inspecting exhaust flue functionality to safely remove emissions is part of our boiler service.

Burner Adjustments

Adjusting burners for clean burning efficiency when required during heating repairs.

Conduct Safety Reads

Carbon monoxide, combustion ratios, outlet pressure and more are documented in the safety certs.

Serial Number Documentation 

Recording appliance details to report on the certificate supplied to client.

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CT1 kent safety gas certificates canterbury

Prevents Leaks

Identifies loose fittings and worn seals early before dangerous gas leaks happen due to faulty installation and use.

Avoids Explosions

Catching device defects minimizes chances of deadly blasts no matter the number of appliances.

Reduces Toxic Emissions

Adjustments lower carbon monoxide if burners are not burning cleanly ensuring your property is gas safe.

Saves Money

Tuning up appliances improves heating efficiency, reducing average gas usage and bills.

Adheres to Laws

Keeps landlords compliant with rental property gas safety requirements as law requires.

Gains Entry Access

Valid certificates allow right of access to perform checking and confirm cost of a gas safety check was performed.

The Main Benefits of Quality Gas Safety Certificates

Proper gas appliance inspections and updated certificates deliver major benefits:

Average Prices of Gas Safety Certificates

Typical costs for professional gas safety inspections and legally required CP12 landlord safety certificates range from £50 – £90 depending on the number of appliances needing inspection, travel distances, and additional repairs needed, if any. Here are more details:

Single Appliance (boiler or cooker):

Multiple Appliances (boiler plus cooker, fireplace etc):

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Keep in mind prices can vary higher if extensive repairs are needed and quoted separately after assessment. Damaged pipework, leak repairs, part replacements, burner adjustments and more will incur additional charges. Call our friendly staff to inquire about rates and scheduling service to get a gas safety check on all appliances within the property. Our technicians can provide an accurate gas safety certificate cost estimate in advance.

Areas We Serve In Kent

As a local plumbing and heating company operating for over 15 years in Canterbury and the surrounding areas, we have issued thousands of Landlord Gas Safety Certificates meeting CP12 requirements across these areas of Kent:

Whether you rent out number of properties in metropolitan areas like Chatham or smaller villages across East Kent, stay compliant with rental laws and maintain safety by having our Gas Safe registered engineers perform assessment and issue legally required certificates annually. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about Landlord Gas Safety Certificates:

How often do rental properties need a new CP12 gas certificate?

Requirements for landlords state certificates must legally be conducted annually for rental properties to renew the CP12 gas safety certificates.

What appliances do you inspect?

We inspect gas boilers, gas cookers, gas fires and any other natural gas powered appliances on rental property as required to provide the landlord gas safety certificate. Our heating engineers check all major gas appliances.

How soon after an inspection do I receive the CP12 certificate?

We issue a gas safety certificate documenting the professional assessment immediately upon completing the work so copy of the gas safety check can be supplied to your tenants without delay.

Do I need a new CP12 if I am between tenant rentals?

Gas certificates are required annually regardless of tenant turnover to maintain validity and ensuring the safety of dormant rental appliances between tenant leases, confirming they are safe to use when new renters move in.

Do tenant rental contracts require current CP12 certificates?

Yes, inclusion of an up-to-date, annually issued gas safety certificate is a legal requirement as part of furnished rental contracts to tenants by law.

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Trust Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers For All your Gas Safety Certificates Needs!

As a Gas Safe registered company, Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers offer professional gas safety inspections of boilers, cookers and all gas appliances for rental properties and residential homes alike. Stay legally compliant and maintain safety with updated annual gas safety certificates issued promptly after thorough assessments by our team of gas safety experts.

With deep expertise inspecting thousands of gas systems across Canterbury and Kent over the past 15+ years, our fully certified boiler engineers identify hazards from leaks and faulty equipment to risk of explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning or inefficient operation. We can fix issues discovered promptly and affordably as well.

If you’re a landlord requiring annual certificates on rental properties or just want peace of mind that your home’s gas appliances are operating safely, please contact us. We serve homeowners and landlords across East and West Kent, making compliance and safety easy!