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Canterbury Radiator Repairs

Your radiator is one of the critical parts within your whole central heating system. It distributes the heat that is generated from your boilers to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable and warm level. Radiators are typically exposed to the elements inside your home making them prone to damage.

The constant heating and cooling action of your radiator can take a heavy toll on your radiators making them prone to failure over time. The constant expansion and contraction can cause gaskets and washers to crack and wear out which can cause them to lose their sealing capability that will ultimately lead to leaking.

Sediments form over time in your central heating system because of the rust and other foreign particles that are caught by your main water supply line. These sediments can clog the internal pipes of your radiator degrading its performance.

We provide a full range of radiator services that includes repairs and other services to help you address worn out radiators and to help keep them running properly & efficiently throughout the year.

Power Flushing and Cleaning Experts In Canterbury

Your radiator is the most exposed part of your central heating system. It takes the brunt of daily life at home and is frequently subjected to dust, bumps, and scrapes which can cause damage to its external components. Internally, your radiator is also subjected to wear and tear because of the build-up of rust and sediment. These sediments can build-up and clog your radiator causing it to emit less heat, making your boiler run inefficiently costing you more in utility bills. If left unchecked, this can permanently block the internal pipes of your radiator.

Power flushing your radiator can quickly clear the sediments that have clogged it up. It also helps prolong the life of your radiator by preventing particles to build-up that can potentially clog or block its lines.

Our power flushing services use a special mixture of water that is mixed with specialised cleaning fluids to clear our corrosive debris and gunk inside your radiator. We provide premium power flushing services at competitive rates. Power flushing is a very cost-effective solution in prolonging the life of your radiator.

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Here at Canterbury Pipesmart Plumbers, we service all types of radiators at competitive pricing. Our quick response times and superior workmanship ensures that your problems will be resolved in a single visit. We specialise in providing high-quality central heating services that provide high value for your money.

How to Check if your Radiator Needs Power Flushing

It can be easy to check if your radiator needs servicing, maintenance, and/or power flushing. If you spot any of these signals, we recommend that you contact us so that our experts can inspect your whole central heating system.

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Your radiator can show telltale and obvious signs whenever it needs repair. We highly recommend you get in touch with our professionals to properly diagnose the problem.

How to Check if your Radiator Needs Repair

Why Choose Us?

It is easy to spot the symptoms of a failing radiator but these symptoms can also be an indicator of a bigger problem with your central heating system. We make sure we identify the root cause of your problem to prevent the problem from recurring on a different radiator in your home. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the workmanship and materials used in all our projects. We are certified to service all types and brands of radiators. Our honest rates and expertise will help you not only fix your problems but stay within the means of your budget. Call our engineers today for a no-hassle free quote on any heating problems you are facing.

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